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SFC Home Pages:

˙   Rougue

˙   Valzgr8

1.      Val’s haunted Overlook Hotel

2.      Replacement PayPhones

3.      SFC Custom Yak-Yak Collection

4.      SFC Apartment CollectionNEW!

5.    SFC Custom PortalsNEW!

˙   SFC Splash Screens Plus!


Guest Pages

˙   Rosemarys Garden

1.      Lots

2.      Skins

3.      Objects

4.      Sims2Coming Soon!

˙    Gandalfs Grey Haven EYou Are Here

1.      Objects

2.    Lots

˙   Heaven Simmed

˙   Jukias CreationsNEW!


SFC Information:

˙   SFC Updates

˙   SFC Lots Explained

˙   SFC FAQs

˙   SFC Forums

˙   SFC Sims Links Collection

˙   SFC Download Installation/Uninstallation GuideNEW!

SFC Tutorials

1.      Making Casuals into Buyables – by Val

2.      Making a Haunted Hotel on VacationIsland – by Val

3.      Creating a brand New Object – by Rougue

4.      Saving Your Sims – by Bruce/Gandalf

5.      Dealing With Buffers – by Rosemary

6.      Making Tuck-In Beds – by Rosemary

7.      Using Lot Manager – by Bruce/Gandalf

8.    Fit 2 Fat or Skinny Skins – by Val – Coming Someday!


SFC Yahoo!Groups QuickLaunch:

˙   SFC Group 1

˙   SFC Group 2

˙   SFC Gifts

˙   SFC Estates

˙   SFC Walls/Floors

˙   SFC Rugs

˙   SFC Archives

˙   Sims 2 Fanatics Community NEW!


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Gandalf’s Grey Haven is happy to be a part of the Sims Fanatics Community!













Page Index

SFC Updates




v     SFC Updates

v     A Note from Gandalf




v     Curtains

v     Paintings – Hacked!

v     Patriotic BedSet

v     Fireplaces – Hacked!



v     VacationIsland

1.      Gandalf’s Bed and Breakfast




v     Saving Your Sims

v     The Sims Lot Manager Guide – NEW!










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Thank you to Rougue for the White Staff Cursor!




A note from our guest artist!




Welcome to my haven. I have been Simming now for over 7 years and creating for only 3 of them. I do mostly hacked paintings, except some things like my black curtains.  Most of my object creation is done for lots that I create because I don't like my room decoration to be stymied by not having certain matching items. The black curtains were done because I was creating a room for the Black Mamba set from Parsimonious and couldn't find black curtains, for example. Please direct questions about my objects or lots to the SFC's wonderful board located at


Thank you for visiting,










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Saving Your Sims

A guide to backing up your favorite Sims Downloads! I hope this helps you keep on Simming for a LONG time!




The Sims Lot Manager Guide


A guide to using ‘The Sims Lot Manager’ (created by James Sausville of Paladin’s Place) to help with your the Sims 1 lot management. See how It can be used for quickly and easily backing up, restoring, and exchanging any of your lots.













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